Home Sweet Home

Back in Perth, Western Australia. After nine months of travelling we have seen much of the US, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Galapagos (Ecuador), Cuba, Cayman Islands and Canada.

It's been an unforgettable experience for us and I hope you have enjoyed our updates. More importantly I hope it doesn't take too long for us to find a way to put up a few new adventures. From everything we have seen and experienced I have realised how many amazing landscapes and wonderful people are out there. The planet is bigger now than when I left and I know there is no way to see everything but I'll happily die trying!

How on earth did we get so much stuff? I need a holiday!

'Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.'

Matilda Bay

A short walk from UWA, my intemperate stomping grounds, Matilda Bay was a place of relaxing escape when the rigours of coffee and study avoidance became too much. The nearby boat shed is often used for weddings. I've stopped traffic there once myself as part of a bridal party.

Matilda Bay boatshed, possibly the most photographed building in Perth.

Lucky Bay, Esperance, Western Australia

New Years camping at Lucky Bay. We experienced an enthralling thunder and lightning display turning the deserted beach a fiery orange, getting bogged on the beach, a picnic on the sand with awesome friends, kangaroos by sunset, giant lizards. A very exciting location!