Cuban Beaches

When in the Carribean...

We made sure to visit several of the beautiful Cuban beaches while on the island. White sand and blue clear waters stretching off to the distance. Tiny fish that follow you as you swim around. Paddle boats and deck chairs. This was our habitat on several occasions while in Cuba.

Sunset in Veradero, the sailing boats have already gone to sleep for the night.

Our first luxurious beach was Cayo Santa Maria. A five hour bus ride east of Havana this was our favourite beach. The sand was fine and vibrant and the water was a lovely shade of blue. We stayed at an 'all-inclusive' resort. This is where Canada holidays, or so it seemed. In fact this one seemed to be where the Quebecois in particular come to holiday.

Standard ritual for most people seems to be to wander past the beach sometime before 8am and leave your towels spread liberally over the prime deck chairs before proceeding to do something else for the first half of the day. We missed the memo about this and arrived to an empty, yet completely booked out beach. The beach is best in the mornings before the wind picks up so we decided to take advantage of it regardless. Nestling in amongst the reserved chairs we created two of our own. This upset the people who had thought their diagonal-table trick was going to stop some couldn't-care-less Australians and they stormed off in a flurry of righteousness, 'take everything!'. Australia - 1, Quebec - 0.

We took a day trip to Cayo Jutias from Vinales, this hour long minibus trip took us away from the tobacco farms to a lovely beach where we hired some deck chairs for $3 and spent the day relaxing. Shannan found herself in the way of a curious 3 year old who was enamoured with the iPad. Taking the shortest route to play with it she climbed over Shannan's head and elbowed her chest to get a better view of the display.

Varadero is 'the' beach to go to. It has been built up so the whole 20+ km stretch of beach is made up of various resorts. We had the opportunity to catch up with family at one of the all-inclusives here. This one felt much less like the Star Trek 'suspiciously perfect' planets the characters always getting sentenced to death on than our first experience. Food was amongst the best we found in Cuba, buffet style with delicious coconut icecream if you knew where to look.

As we were busy reading books by the beach, paddling our boats and kayaks and splashing around the pool bar you may notice there are fewer photos than normal. Guess you will have to go try Cuba for yourself!