Shenandoah National Park

Queue behind us to enter Shenandoah National Park on a November weekend.

The second most popular National Park in the United States, Shenandoah is most famous for the spectacular show it puts on during Autumn. We drove through in early November, a bit after the real peak of the season but there was still plenty of leafery to be peeped. There was still a queue to get into the park on the weekend, this is one helluva place for a Sunday drive!


Shenandoah is also the first place we saw bears! Black bears are surprisingly agile on the top of tall trees. They climb up to branches and twigs that provide only tentative support in order to eat the leaves and berries at the top in preparation for winter.

Black bears, vegetarian but their tree climbing tendency had me likening them to the Australian Drop Bear.

It was also our first experience with the associated bear jams that often accompany roadside bears. It's not long before the rangers come along to try free up the road enough to let traffic pass again. Not that any of the excited spectators seem to listen. More often than not the rangers seem to just give up.