Sequoia National Park

The largest trees on Earth

The great Sequoia groves of the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks contain the worlds largest (by volume) trees. It's hard to get a sense of the scale by looking at the tree. It needs a person, or better yet a car or a 13 story building, to give you a sense of scale.

Shannan stands inside the root system of a fallen sequoia tree. The root system is very shallow compared to their size and Sequoias are known to have fallen oven in a gentle breeze. This particular tree fell in the 1950's and doesn't show much inclination to decompose anytime soon.

The Sequoia National Park contains the highest mountain in the mainland US, Mt. Whitney at over 14,500ft or 4,400m (keep that in mind for the upcoming Machu Picchu post). We couldn't see it because it is surrounded and hidden by closer mountains in the chain from the parks vantage point, Moro Rock, which overlooks the valley and the fun-to-drive switchbacks of Generals Highway.