Zion National Park

Hidden Canyon, Zion National Park

From the moment we entered Zion we were awed. Sweeping rock formations with their mesmerising curves and lines that lead the eye, to a mile long tunnel (exciting!) that emerges into a lush canyon of sheer cliffs, trees (often in the most unlikely places) and rushing water. 

Checking in to our campsite I asked for two nights (we had already increased our stay an extra night by the time we reached the switchbacks on the other side of the tunnel). The ranger was happy to sort us out but he made sure to pick a site that was available a third night as well, quietly confident we would be extending our stay. He was right, we spent four days exploring the hiking trails along Zion, still sore from our Grand Canyon descent. We didn't renew our tent site though, after four days of hiking around Bryce and Zion without a shower we were feeling our skin crawl so we checked in to Zion Lodge and finished our stay with a civilised touch.

We got our feet wet in the Virgin River along the Narrows. After that escapade we had several people recognise us as 'the crazy Australians' throughout the rest of our time in Zion. It'd be refreshing in Summer. Another great hike we did was along Hidden Canyon, very interesting sandstone layered rock formations, their colour coming alive in the light rain.

Photosynth of the layered sandstone in Zion Nation Park. Keep an eye on the size of the pine trees to get a sense of the scale.