Santa Fe, New Mexico

I really enjoyed the adobe style buildings of Santa Fe. In order to keep with it's history all buildings in the main area of New Mexico's capital city must be built in one of the native adobe styles... including the petrol stations and McDonalds. Many are built out of more usual construction materials for the US, wood and concrete, then covered over to create faux-dobe structures.

Adobe architecture, my new favourite kind of architecture. Or in this case, an example of faux-dobe.

The city itself is strongly keyed to tourism with a huge array of local arts and crafts available. Unfortunately my tastes run expensive, the cowboy hat I saw through the window that 'looked nice' was, of course, 100% beaver and over $1000. Needless to say, I did not walk out with a nice new cowboy hat.

Expense and it's gearing toward tourism aside, while touring I quickly took a liking to Santa Fe. I kept an eye out for raffle tickets to win a house but to no avail. Perhaps I'll have to build an adobe style home when I get back to Australia. It would certainly suit the climate.

I leave you with the Official New Mexico State Question:

Red or Green?