Cody, Wyoming

One of the  benefits of camping is the view.  It takes dedication I don't have to come out to a location specifically for a shot like this in the freezing cold. When it's right on your flapstep you can admire your surroundings knowing that when it gets too cold you can crawl into a fuzzy warm sleeping bag and go to sleep, ready to catch a spectacular sunrise.

Camping at Buffalo Bill State Park, Wyoming

Cody was founded by Buffalo Bill, pretty much as a tourist town, and contains the Buffalo Bill museum, which is Huge! We spent about 5 hours there before finally calling it a day. There was a wing devoted to Buffalo Bill and his Wild West show, and a wing with 1500 guns and what they'd killed, complete with two guys kitted out in full camouflage visiting it when we were there. And a Yellowstone wing (sniff) which had a good, but scary, educational video about bears and camping.