Upstate New York

We stayed with family at Buffalo and Syracuse in upstate New York. From here it's a stones throw to Canada and Niagara Falls as well as the Finger Lakes region. Both are very pretty.

Below are the 'American' falls at Niagara Falls. They were diverted in the '70s so the engineers and geologists could inspect the bedrock to predict the erosion rate. The rainbow is coming from spray caused by the 'main' falls with the familiar horseshoe shape. In the bottom right corner is the Maid of the Mist ferry.

The 'American Falls' as they are called, a section of the Falls that's near the classic horseshoe shaped falls

Shannan at Lake Skaneateles, smallest of the Finger Lakes

Skaneateles, the smallest of the Finger Lakes, has been a tourist destination since before it was cool. Impressive houses surround large sections of the lake and the town itself, even though geared for tourists, is built with a quality and charm I appreciated. The trees dotting the drive up from Syracuse were all the vibrant shades of Fall.