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Welcome to POINT ANDy SHOOT. My name is Andrew. I am an engineer from Perth, Western Australia with a strong interest in travel and photography. My partner and I quit our jobs in 2013 to go travelling. The journey is over now and we are back to work. Before returning we ventured far and wide in the Americas from a two month road trip of the US to hiking and exploring the places and personality of South America. I hope you find tales of our antics amusing and informative.

The experience has shown me how much variety we have on our planet and has instilled a sense to see as much as possible. While the updates may become sporadic (work always seems to get in the way) we hope to find the time to sneak off for short trips here and there. With a bit of good luck we may even be able to do another multi-month adventure.

Please leave a comment in the posts or send me an email at the link above if you have suggestions or questions.